When is Purim? Purim begins at sundown on Monday, March 6, 2023
Specializes in Kosher Purim Gift Baskets. Celebrate Purim by sending impressive Purim Gift Baskets (Shalach Manos / Mishloach Manot) to friends and family.
Kosher Purim Gift Baskets
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Hamentashen (6 Hamentashen) cookies
Chocolate Dipped Hamentashen

Purim Treats
Purim Sweets Basket
Sold Out
Popcorn, Candy and Hammentashen For Purim
Purim Smile Basket
Sold Out
Purim Toys Bucket
Sold Out
Purim Popcorn for a Crowd
Sold Out
Purim Shlach Manot Tote

Purim Special Assortment
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Purim Planter Basket
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Purim Cholov Yisroel Basket
Purim with Coffee Mug Basket
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Esther's Aqua Striped Basket
Purim Flowers Basket
Purim Spring Planter Basket
Sold Out
Purim Gourmet Delight Basket
Sold Out
A Trio of Purim Pastries
Purim Medium Basket
Silver Purim
Sold Out
Mordechai's Choice
Purim Large Basket
Purim Delight Basket
Purim Extravaganza Basket
Purim Royal Basket
Purim Treasure Chest Basket
Purim The Big One Basket
Purim Top of the Line Basket

Kosher Purim Celebration Instant Cake
A chocolate or white cake makes this an elegant item for your Purim celebration. Includes cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, and a balloon. Available in either Chocolate or White.

Purim in a Box

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Purim Information
Purim Commemorates the deliverance of Persian Jewry from their intended destruction by Haman, the chief minister of King Ahasuerus (circa Fifth Century B.C.E.). The holiday is marked by the reading of the Megillah (The Biblical Book of Esther) which recounts the details of how Queen Esther and Mordecai managed to thwart Haman's plot.
What is the meaning of Purim?
How is Purim celebrated?
Why do people make parties on Purim?
Why do people dress in disguises and costumes on Purim?
What else does the Talmud say about the events of Purim?

Read The Book of Esther

Purim Memes

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Purim MemeReads Megillah twice

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